Stony Brook Generation One Reunion – Will You Be There?

April 28, 2012
7:00 to 11:00 PM

“Someday Stony Brook, when you’re old and wise, those who come here
will take you for granted…your strength, your omnipotence, your
“Good” and your “Truth.” But we, the Pepsi Generation, the Teeny
Boppers, the Flower Children…will remember.  We’ll remember the
sweat we left here to cement the foundation your laurels are now
resting upon…and we’ll remember through our eyes, students’ eyes…”
-1967 Specula Yearbook

Dear Stony Brook Alum,

Our December e-mail announcing that registration is now open for the Generation One Reunion has created quite a buzz among your classmates.  You can register online here.

The Generation One Reunion will be an historic celebration honoring Stony Brook’s first generation of graduating classes from 1961 through 1981 on Saturday, April 28, 2012, in the Gym (now known as the Pritchard Gym).

The quotation from the 1967 Specula says it all for those of us who walked in the mud, tripled in G Quad, endured Chem 101, cooked on a hot plate and pioneered the new campus.  Our generation experienced a pivotal time of cultural and political transformation and we provided the foundation for the world class University into which Stony Brook has evolved.

Of course, you remember those tumultuous times because you lived it.  Now Stony Brook University remembers and honors you with our Generation One Reunion.  Come back and join us in the Gym, the frequent focal point of major events during our years at the Brook. Reunion volunteers are organizing meeting areas where each graduating class can gather and catch up with the goal of focusing the Reunion around you and your classmates.

Whether you live in Manhattan, Mineola, Miami or Malibu, there is plenty of time to plan to attend.  A printed invitation to the Generation One Reunion will also be mailed shortly to the last known home addresses of all 32,000 graduates from ’61 to ’81. To insure your classmates are made aware of this reunion, please search the internet to find the people with whom you shared your college experience with during that remarkable time of your life.

We truly hope that you will join us for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Become a part of Stony Brook history on April 28, 2012 at the Generation One Reunion!

Questions? Please contact Russell Malbrough toll-free at 1-877-SEA-WOLF or email


The Generation One Reunion Committee


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