Lesego Andrew Goba ’09 ’12 – Umuntu, Umuntu Ngabantu – A Journey from South Africa to the USA

Umuntu, Umuntu Ngabantu – A Journey from South Africa to the USA

BY  | OCTOBER 15, 2012 · 9:07 AM

Two weeks ago former coach and PPI success story, Lesego Andrew Goba, stopped by the DC office. For many of us, it was our first opportunity to meet Goba and hear his incredible journey from South Africa to the USA


Lesego Andrew Goba playing in his final year at Stony Brook University

On the outskirts of Durban is Inanda, a rural village not unlike many villages in South Africa. Although most houses had no running water, electricity or even telephones, Goba viewed his rural upbringing as a positive. “Scarcity of resources taught me to be grateful for what I had; and inspired me to pursue that which I did not have, fearlessly, because I had nothing to lose.”….


Goba with Coach Pikiell (right) and Mentor Randall Susman (left)

….After graduating Goba got a second BS in nursing and has recently begun working at the Stony Brook Medical Hospital in the Psychiatric Department. He now aspires to continue his education as a psychiatric nurse practitioner (masters level), and get his doctorate. “My education was the paved road that I could now walk on. I had to maximize the opportunity.”

Read the full article from PeacePlayers International (PPI)

Connect with Lesego Andrew Goba ’09 ’12 on Twitter @LesegoGoba


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