“2012 and the End of Times: Myth, Fiction, and Fact” – 12/11/12

Stony Brook University Alumni and Friends

Is December 21 the End of the World?
Find the answers at this intriguing talk by a Stony Brook astrophysicist 

Professor Metchev

“2012 and the End of Times: Myth, Fiction, and Fact”
by Stanimir Metchev, PhD, Assistant Professor of
Physics and Astronomy

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
6 PM – 8 PM
The SUNY Global Center,
116 East 55th Street NY, NY 10022

Professor Metchev’s talk will cover the history, speculations, and science behind the last day of the Mayan calendar and will present recent developments in archaeoastronomy, planetary astronomy, and geology for an up-to-date factual context.

Stanimir Metchev has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Stony Brook University since 2008. Prior to his arrival at Stony Brook, Professor Metchev earned a BA and a PhD in Astrophysics from Harvard and the California Institute of Technology and was a Spitzer Space Telescope Post-doctoral Fellow at UCLA between 2005-2008.

Professor Metchev’s research interests include extrasolar planets, brown dwarfs, and novel astronomical instrumentation techniques that enable new studies of these fascinating objects. He has served as a reviewer for numerous scientific journals and agencies, including Science, the National Science Foundation, NASA, the Hubble, and the Spitzer space telescopes among others. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the New York Astronomy Consortium.

RSVP online or e-mail Russell.Malbrough@stonybrook.edu



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